What Is Thermowood?

Thermowood is a Thermally modification process with steam and high heat threatment. It is a process which takes between 48 and 96 hours, taking into account some variables such as; timber species, width and initial moisture content.

Thermowood process can be divided into 3 parts; high temperature drying, heat treatment and cooling. Thanks to the thermowood process most of negativeness of the wood are minimized and been abolished.

As a result of the high temperature applied to the wood, the substances which are shortening the lifecycle (glucose,citric acid,resin etc.) that exist at the inner part of the wood are resolved and the rest is cristallized. This process makes the physical properties of the timber better, improves the durability and provides an excellent colour.

As a result of the, reduced moisture content of the wood and relative humidity removed the Nova Thermowood timber becomes stable.

The quality of the timber which is going to be used for the Thermowood process is very important. The wood which is used during the Thermowood process is controlled since it comes out from the forest. The suitability of the knots, fiber structure, tree age, humidity of the wood is directly related with the quality.

As a principle the heat treatment process can be done on all wood species. Wood species that Novawood has in it’s production range are as following; ash, oak, pine / spruce, beech and Iroko.

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