10 Reason

What replace of wooden window ?
Here is the 10 reasons not to give up wooden. Wooden is nice. No one disagrees with that, everyone loves wooden. But, wooden eliminates “Who loves the rose should put up with its thorns” because wooden has no thorns. Does the beauty of wooden window comes from its appearance or being “right” choice for its duty ?

Wooden windows live long
English standarts give pine slicings 60 years service life, it is possible to find windows that has been working for 100 years. If you do not believe us, check http://archive.greenpeace.org/~toxics/pvcdatabase/productalt.html and ask Green Peace. They give PVC 20-25 years service life. Also, wooden does not get oxidated, not exposed to corrsion and not get fragile because of ultraviolet rays.

Wooden windows never changes size and shapes
Wooden has excellent mechanical characteristics. Carring power, resistance against bending and twisting, stable size against thermo variances of wooden make it ideal material for window production. For example, metal slicings change its size and shape under thermo changings thus this affects the harmony between case and wing, as a result of this air leaking can rise up twice between 20°C ile 50°C. But the same thermo changing does not affect wooden slicing.

Easy maintenance and repair for wooden windows
The slogan “Required No Maintenance” of PVC window producers is really weird. Becaues you can not repair PVC and aluminium! Beside this, you should repaint wooden windows every 5-8 years however you can use them for 100 years. But you will need to get rid of your PVC window maximum 25 years later. It is really easy to repair the most damaged or rotten wooden window for a carpanter. Rotten part can be rip off and new strong part can be added. Wooden has also an advantage of screw holding. So you can easly replace broken hinges and renew window handle.

Wooden fictiles
Wooden has an advantage of various kinds of fictilings, patterns and colors. Also you can change the color whenever you get bored.

Wooden windows are safe
Massive wooden can not be bent and twisted so it is long lasting against wind burden. Burglars do not like wooden windows. It is not easy to cut wooden slicing like PVC or seperate the wing apart from case. To get over this problem, complicated and more expensive mechanisms are used for the windows which is not wooden. However, these can not deal with the talented burglars.

Wooden windows are economic
Because of all the aspects listed above, even first cost of wooden windows are cheaper than PVC and metal windows. There is a mistake that we make so much in cost comparision. That comparision should be made between two products that shows same performances. For long term using, wooden is cheaper than its alternatives.

Easy montage for wooden window
Wooden is tolerable to mistakes. A carpanter can fix little size mistakes at the blind case or window itself while montaging.

Wooden is champion at thermo isolation
Thermo isolation in wooden is 400 times as much as than steel and 1800 times as much as than aluminium. The isolation is not mesaured with only frame material but also glass kind, glass montage, space between case and wing, metal conjustion elements and montaging into wall. When all other conditions are equal, the thermo isolation value of a wooden window is 10% better than PVC and thermo bridged aluminium. Another important matter that we generally ignore is that a window should keep these characteristics along its using lifetime. Here is the most advantage of wooden as a window material.

Wooden use is envorimental
Here is a little example. To produce PVC window you spend energy eight times as much as than producing wooden window. Excellent thermo isolation, minimum affect to environment in production process, but the most important renewable source make the wooden number one in environment issue. For more information please visit “Why Wooden” section.

People who are in trouble with wooden are certainly smiling while reading this asticle, but keep reading. Problem is not at wooden. It is at design, specification and production. Wooden is such an excellent material that no one pay attention at it and do not care enough trusting its perfection. Requirements of this age require contemporaneousness for wooden window production.