Why Wooden

Wooden window, Wooden slicing
– Naturel, nice, decorative, peacefull.
– Lifetime as doudle as PVC’s.
– Sizes never changes, joint points never get forced and structure conjunction details never get impaired because of temperature variations.
– All kind of maintenance, reapair and color changement are possible.
– Laminated wooden does not stretch and break; it is strong and safe.
– It is economical because you see what you pay for and double lifetime.
– Unique in thermo and sound isolation. Provides full leakproofing because of stable size.
– Does not contain detrimental materials.
– Completely renewable material.

PVC window, PVC slicing
– Artifical and boring. Seems like wooden but it is not.
– Lifetime about 20 – 25 years.
– Affected by temperature variations, has different stretching coefficient numbers according to carrier metal profiles in it.
– Maintenance and repair is not available.
– Can be broken by forcements.
– Impossible to see the meat thickness of cheap PVC and its metal profiles.
– Requires a lot of rooms into profile and gaskets between case and wing in order to provide thermo and sound isolation.
– Toxicfull and poisoned.
– Harmfull to environment.