About Us

Defne AhşapDefne Wooden Industry has being active in wooden door and window systems with its experience, quality and experienced technical team in Turkey. It is also a continuously improving company which is welcome to young brains.

Defne Wooden Industry, which is an expert on wooden doors and windows; and has been improving itself day by day, has successfully completed its works in various structures in Hatay.

Defne Wooden Research-Development actions involves not only a productiy for providing what our customers need and request but also a productivity at world wide standarts.

Defne Wooden has been continuosly improving the product quality thereby observing new technological developments. Moreover, they make consumers become their customers and service them the best. Also they conduce the state economy by its investments and employment opportunities.

Wooden is a naturel, healty material which gives people peace, lives and breathes with us. Pleasure of touching, feeling it and living with it is utterly different.