About Wooden

1- Do we know that 90% of houses in USA and 99% of houses in California are wooden ?

2- Do we know that rough montage of a 50 m2 panneled house takes 5 hours with two workers and whole work takes one week ?

3- Do we know that wooden is preferred in swimming pools and chemical material storehouses rather than steel because it has no chemical reaction and of its maintenance cost lower than steel ?

4- Do we know that earthquake insurance paymnet for reinforced concrete houses is more expensive as five time as than the payment for wooden houses, so that sitting in reinforced concrete houses is called luxury in USA ?

5- Do we know that Köprülü Yalısı (a famous wooden waterside residence in Bosphorus) has built in lates of 17th century when USA was not even in history ?

6- Do we know that these days 6 floored wooden residances have being built in England ?

7- Do we know that a 200 m high wooden RESPECT TO THE NATURE TOWER is being built in Paris ?

8- Do we know that the highest wooden building in the world is the Greek Orphanage which is 100m high and has eigth floor structure and stand for 100 years in Büyükada ?

9- Do we know reinforced concrete is havier as five time as wooden and steel is heavier as thirten times as wooden ?

10- Do we know that 100 m2 reinforced concrete framework system is about 75 tones, 100 m2 wooden framework system is 2.5 – 4 tones, so burdens on basement is lighter as 20 – 30 times as in wooden system ?

11- Do we know that 1 cm plyboard or wooden has same thermo isolation as with 16 cm thickness of reinforced concrete has ?

12- Do we know that wooden was used longer than 108 m for Limmat Bridge on Ren River in 1790, today it is used longer than 160 m on roofs and now it is also possible to use more than 250 m ?

13- Do we know that when we use a little longer wooden than calculated longness, the carbonized outer part provides a latency for inner burning process with a natural isolation ?

14- Do we know that after a certain gab reinforced concrete can not even carry itself, if there is no precautions steel roof will lose carrier facility because of too much stretching and then will have the risk of collapsing in 15 minutes at 600 degree celcius, however wooden has zero strectching coefficient number of thermo variations so people have about one hour to escape and save their lifes before it collapses ?

15- Do we know that Skidmore, Ovings and Merrill has built 120 x 200 m sizes, 17.500 individuals capacity Utopia Saloon and preferred wooden rather than steel because of wooden’s ressistance to fire ?

16- Do we know that Basel Bridge built in 1225 had given service for 774 years untill 1903; Kastamonu: Mahmutbey , Beyşehir: Eşrefoğlu and Afyon Ulu Mosques, which were constructed in 13. and 14. centuries and have wooden columns and roofs, have stood up for 600-700 years without any special maintenance ?

17- Do we know that the oldest stretching sticks between the arches in Hagia Sophia are wooden, so the most famous and oldest construciton in the world has been trusting wooden for centruies ?

18- Do we know that concrete’s physical life, which was supposed to last forever, nowadays is scientificly accepted about 60 years because of carbonating and corrosion ?

19- People living in wooden buildings are physiological and psychologically supposed to feel healthier, however they feel sick when they are forced to live in concrete buildings. So do we know that wooden, which is breathing with us, has positive effetcs on rheumatism, asthma and kidney illnesses, however concrete continuously spreads out radon gas which has toxical effects on human body ?

20- Radon is an radioactive gas. So do we know that, 14% of deads suffered from lung cancer are the ones who are exposed to radon inside the buildings ?

21- Thus in USA, do we know that radon extractor fans work 7/24 in houses which have concrete cellars ?

22- Various values with maximum 260 bekarel found on an experimental measurement on 398 houses ( all concrete houses ) in İstanbul. 10 bekarel is measured on two wooden houses which has concrete cellar. However do we know that maximum value 2.9 bekarel is found in japanese’s completely wooden houses ?

23- Do we know that our health is mentally and physically in danger because of a magnetic field created from 220 V electricty carrier wires between double level mat iron inside of walls which is made by concrete with tunnel mould style ?

24- Do we know that 26% of surface area is forrest zone in Turkey and 27% in whole Europe, so Turkey has the biggest forrest area in other European contries ?

25- Do we know that 30% of forrest zone in Turkey is covered with red pines which is the most suitable wooden conctruction material ?

26- However, do we know that 60% of our forrests are ruined because of insensible maintenance, 60% of forrest trees in Turkey are used for combustion while this rate is 5% in whole world ?

27- Do we know that forrests are growing in countires which use wooden in building industry within a scientific approach and sensible proteciton ?

28- Do we know that forrests in USA are growing with 23% of their cutting rate, such as every year 100 trees are cut down but 123 new trees are growing ?

29- Do we know that forrest surface and tree amounth are growing with estimated 10% every year in USA, which supplies logs to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and such as Far East countries ?

30- Do we know that, in this sensible approach, they are developing bug-resisted, physically strong and fast growing trees ?

31- Do we know that, young trees filters CO2 in the air faster than old trees, so young forrests rapidly eliminates intensive CO2 in cities ?

32- So, do we know that with a sensible cutting down of old trees and renew the forrest surfaces helps nature to set the ecological balance faster ?

33- With these reasons, do we know that Green Peace supports wooden use in building industry ?

34- Do we know that, with a smart wooden industry and forrest politics we can increase our forrests zones double with a 5% growth in every year, while USA forrest growing rate is 10% ?

35- Do we know that people die in earthquake just because of concrete’s weigth, however in wooden houses that risk is so close to zero ?

36- Do we know that Japanese experts, who came İstanbul for the project of protection of İstanbul as an culture heritage, claimed that Ottoman wooden skeleton system is the strongest one in the world ?

37- Do we know that after Kobe earthquake, they turned to think about reinforcing with turkish methods that have been using for centruies; neither the heavy roofed and thin sticked Japan system nor the bulky edged european systems but especially the crosswise frame construction style, which is invented by turkish people centruies ago ?

38- Do we know that in that years english people, who did not have our technological knowledge, used wooden three times as thick as in order to gain strength as in our economically edged and smartly framed old wooden houeses ?

39- Wooden is expensive compared to other metarails in England because they do not have forrests to produce logs so they import wooden. However do we know that wooden is preferred rather than stone and brick houses because it is fast to build, requires less time to pay back for credits and reaches high isolation values ?

40- Do we know that 40% of old houses in USA are not obligated to earthquake insurance because they were not build under architects and engineer supervision and have no risk ?

41- Do we know that, just because of being wooden California houeses, which have a 30% lack of 32 required precautions against earthquake, let only 25 people die in an earthquake equal magnituded with Gulf earthquake ?

42- Do we, who think a hard supervision and insurance companies can get over the problem, know that there are 30 thousand architects and that much civil engineers, even if they all work in insurance companies as paid white-collars, they can not supervise annual 500 thousand housing capacity that country needs ?

43- Do we can not see that the only and the biggest murder is to believe in words “this time will rock” and use concrete which we can not deny not to supervise with the human source we have?

44- Do we know that 23% in Germany, 17% in France and 95% of construcitons are concrete in Turkey ?

45- Do not we think that it is not that possible to see concrete using in developped contries as much as Turkey uses and they are not more stupid than us ?

46- Do we know that cost of wooden constructions, which are built with appropriate technology and architectural solution, less than concrete constructions even in Turkey ?

47- Do we know that wooden buildings which are built with the simpliest technology give us auto control oppurtunity so it is easy to control the safety ?

48- Do we know that 92% of territory in Turkey has earthquake risk and 98% of populaiton, at least 59 million people, can face this danger in any moment ?